Winterseason 2018/19

The end of a beautiful winter, filled with cold, snowy and sunny days. The dogs met many guests and visitors, enjoyed a few nights out, cuddling up on a thick layer of straw, getting a lot of attention and pedicure. Thank you for providing me with little adventures now and then. We continue the dog training by ATV as long as the temperatures allows it.

Norrsida Süd

Am 01.Juni 2019 öffnet Norrsida Süd in Quickborn die Türen für alle Schwedenliebhaber, Neugierigen und Naturfreunde. Neben ihrem Dekorationsnähatelier bietet Christina Schlichtkrull eine Sammlung aus antiken Möbeln und Wohnaccessoirs aus Skandinavien, hauptsächlich Schweden, sowie eine Vielzahl individueller, kunsthandwerklicher Produkte und umweltschonender Alternativen für Haus&Heim.

Hjärtligt välkommen in Tina's Schwedenladen !!!



Happy Halloween !!!

Hunting on the the first snow. Where are the birdies?

Happy about "summer's end" and loaded with energy,the Huskies are heading for a long, cold winter with lots of snow.


Welcome to

In 2010, Norrsida was founded in a small cabin in the south of Norrland in the center of Sweden. We create and offer selected products representing the unique creativity of this subarctic location and reflect the northern life style. Working with interiors for more than 20 years the scandinavian influence, with its simplitcity, elegance and lightness has always fascinated us and in an attempt to create an environmental consciousness we want to refurbish instead of buying new furniture and use decorations inspired by nature, to bring a touch of nature's ingenious creations to the homes of our customers.

Enjoy the journey

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